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My son is in Orlando. That’s UNREAL! They are probably eating their first meal on American soil…for some strange reason i HOPE it’s McDonalds!

Waiting to know whats next….will rigaud get flown to boston? will we catch the FIRST flight to orlando tomorrow morning? NO IDEA!

more to come on this crazy adventure!!

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At noon today I got call from Laurae that our boys were on the way to the airport with their visa’s. Lord willing they are getting on plane tonight. The tricky part is we won’t know where the plane is going until is leaving PAP. It could be Houston, NYC or Miami! Hoping to know soon…

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Hurry up and wait

In Haiti, everything is hurry up and wait. We hurried to contact senators, congressman, etc to try and get the humanitarian parole pushed through. After 6 days of that, they announced humanitarian parole. Then we had find the documents we needed to be able to qualify for HP. Rigaud hurried up and did that! Paying a man to go into the the collapsed Ministry building to get our documents, success! (which still BLOWS MY MIND).

Now we wait. Rigaud went to the embassy yesterday and tried to get visa’s. They are helping those in dire need first, which makes sense. I’m honestly not sure what situation our boys are in right now. I’m not sure if Rigaud was ever able to buy food or what. They told him to come back tomorrow…so today, we keep waiting…

If you know someone going to Haiti will you send them to check on our boys?

Kingdom of Kids Orphanage
10 Rue Berto
Cite Militaire, PAP

Thanks to everyone praying and hoping and praying and hoping with us…I’m adding pictures from November of Kemly…check them out here

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OKay here’s the story:

Our Orphanage Director, Rigaud, went searching for the documents we need in order to bring Kemly home on Humanitarian Parole. He went down to the Ministry building where he believed the documents were and PAID someone to go inside the collapsed building and look for our documents. Low and behold, by the grace of God whoever Rigaud paid was SUCCESSFULL! He walked out with 3 dossiers: the Richards, the Irish’s and ours! UNREAL!

He then went to the Embassy, presented the documents and now they are working humanitarian visas for our four boys!

More to come in the next few days…we have to first hear from the Department of Homeland Security that their visa’s have been approved. Then we TRAVEL!

Keep praying for those folks working on the humanitarian visas!

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Everyone Needs to Contact Members of Congress

**since posting this the Joint Council on International Childrens Services has asked us to hold off on these letters as they are determining the next steps to take.

Hi Everyone!

Here’s something that ANYONE can do to help with process of getting orphans out of Haiti. There is a form letter below that you can send to your congressman/woman and or senators. Find out who you need to send that letter to by selecting your state from this website:

Thanks for your help!


Hello, my name is…
I am in the process of adopting a child from Haiti…


My …

I know that many Members of Congress continue to support efforts on behalf of Haiti’s orphaned children. I extend my thanks to the Congressman/Senator.
I am calling because…
We need your help to get our adoptive child out of Haiti safely.
Water, food and medicine are running out.
Gangs have looted some of the orphanages and even travel is not safe for the children.
The Department of Homeland security has granted humanitarian parole, but it is only the first step.
The devastation from the earthquake is vast and our child’s safety – and even life – is at risk.
Joint Council on International Children’s Services, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, and a team of congressional offices and relief organizations are working to coordinate a staging and housing center to provide:
Physical safety
A Staging Center for USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to process humanitarian parole
The groups working to launch the staging and housing center already have most of what the children need.
But they do not have
Security to protect the children and supplies from gangs
Transportation to bring the children into this safe haven

We are asking that (name of Member of Congress) personally call:
Secretary of State Clinton, and
Dr. Shah, Administrator Designate at USAID
And specifically request that they authorize security forces be sent to the offered staging center and assist in the extraction and transport of these children from their orphanages to the staging center. All other pieces of a successful operation of this staging center are currently in place, but all hinge on this authorization of security and transport.

If this security does not reach the site within 24 hours, children being adopted and many other children will continue to suffer and may in fact not live long enough to be united with my family and the other 300 U.S. families.



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The Latest…

This is what we heard this morning:

Rigaud (our orphanage director) spoke with Melande (his wife, who is in Miami) this morning this is what he said:

“The house is fine but they are still staying outside because they are still having after tremors. They do go into the house and use the bathroom, they go in groups with an adult when they do go in.

They have been using the generator to charge the inverter so… at night they have lights outside.

Melande said she could hear voices in the background as everyone is living outside. Riguad’s mother refuses to come and stay with them as she is sheltering people at her house in the yard at the school. Many school children are staying there.

The church is OK They have been boiling the water but they are pretty much out of water and food. This is their biggest need at the moment.

They need cash, there is food available but there is no way to get them money the banks and western union are not operating. They feel safe where they are.

No specifics on specific people other than Riguads mother is fine.

What they want from us is PRAYER!!!”

God I pray for wisdom of those distributing supplies…give them a system…a plan…a way to reach the hundreds of thousands of starving people waiting for help.

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Adopting from Haiti?

Do these things:
1. Joint Council’s Orphan and Family database is up and running. If your organizations has families in the process of adopting from Haiti, please request that they fill-in your adoption information. The database will allow Joint Council to advocate with the U.S. and Haitian governments, as appropriate, for for the cases currently in process. Please note: the database is temporarily housed on Joint Council’s donate page, donations are not required to utilize the database. Adoptive families should choose the second option, “Register my Haiti adoption with Joint Council” to enter the necessary information.”

This is the link – and you do NOT need to donate – they just want to get of all Haiti adoptions in progress…

2. U.S. State Department: Adopting parents can send their information, including the names of their children and orphanages, to, so the State Department has a good way to contact parents.

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We are getting help from all over massachusetts right now on getting kemly out of Haiti…it may or may not work…we’re just praying for a miracle…will you pray with us?

You’re the God of that City
You’re the King of those people
You’re the Lord of that nation
You’re the Light in their darkness
You’re the Hope to their hopelessness
You’re the Peace to their restlessness
There is no one like our God
For greater things have yet to come
And greater things are still to be done in that City

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Earthquake in Haiti

As far as we know the orphanage is fine and no one was injured. Follow this blog for updates:

Pray. Pray. Pray.

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Being a Pastors Wife…

Has many benefits and joy. But it’s also been painful for me. I think the hardest thing for me when I look back to Jake getting fired after only 8 months at our home church (back in 2006), is that I felt no one was supporting us. No one was acknowledging how difficult your first experience on staff at a church can be. No one recognized that I was struggling and offered advice. I don’t cast blame away for all of that, I don’t think I knew that I was struggling.

Maybe if someone had recognized that this was our FIRST staff/ministry experience they may have pushed through my appearance of being “okay” and got to how much pressure and fear there was.

What I’m thankful for now is my desire to see other PW’s find their place and get the support they need. I’m praying for ways I can do this. I think sharing this is just the start.

Lord, help me to see the struggles of a young pastor and his wife. Help me to be there to support and push through their appearance of being “okay”. I know you are faithful and bless us for the work we do but please allow us to see the parts of our heart that need changing so we can be restored.


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