Who am I?

Letting Kemly drink my "coca"



Mom, Wife of a Pastor, Demo specialist, Office Manager

Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Traveling, Camping, Gardening

Anywhere with my family!



  1. Hello Kristin and Jake: I don’t know if you remember me Kristin, but I went to the CRC and now go to the URC in Vermont. Marion Sullivan gave me the link to your blog. I am the Bethany adoption worker in VT- a satellite of the MA office, so I know Pam Wood! I also have a family in VT that is adopting a girl from GLA as well! They are the pastor and his wife of the Bridport Congregational Church and are an awesome family. They traveled to Haiti earlier this summer to meet Gedeleine and now are in the awful “wait” to bring her home. When did you get your referral? He is a cutie, but then again, they all are in Haiti! Have you traveled already? I am excited for you and hope that the wait to bring Kemly is short.
    You will have to bring him to VT some day!

    • Hi Joanie! So glad Mrs. Sullivan passed you the blog link! The first time we met with Pam I noticed there was an office in Vergennes, VT and asked her who worked for BCS from vergennes, she said your name and I knew exactly who she was talking about, so yes, of course i remember you! We actually are only doing our home study with her, other than that is an independent adoption. We are working with an orphanage in Haiti called Kingdom of Kids. We have traveled there twice with our church and a good friend of ours from church has adopted twice from this orphanage. So we actually have met Kemly twice since November 08, which is very cool. Our dossier will be in Haiti in November so from there we are told it could be from 9-18 months. I’m sure he will travel to Vermont MANY times….hopefully we’ll run into you!


  2. Hi Kristin,
    I am also in the process of adopting from Haiti… My little guy, Delmace, currently lives at Wings of Hope in Fermathe. I live in Boston & work as a special education teacher in Lexington, MA. I read a number of blogs and just recently started my own. I’m trying to connect with others who are adopting from Haiti. Please visit my blog if you get a chance: http://dhaiti2boston.wordpress.com/
    Good luck with Kemley’s adoption!
    Cathy Mayo

  3. HI, Kristin! Amy Smits Goddard shared your blog with me several months ago. We are the family that Joanie Praasma referenced in her response! We brought our daughter, Gedeleine, home on January 23. So glad to hear that Kemly is home with his parents! I pray that your transition is going well! Many blessings to you all!

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