Posted by: kscott08 | January 22, 2011

Happy Happy “Gotcha Day” Kemly

I can’t believe it’s been 1 year with this little man…

1 year ago today I boarded a flight to Orlando with 3 other parents with little to no sleep to go pick up our sons from Florida. They had spent the night partially in a hospital and partially in an airport with Pastor Rigaud.

I’ll never forget that day….

After we grabbed the boys we ran off to the airport, bought plane tickets sand ran to the loooooooooooooong lines for security. Thankfully we begged to be moved to the front of lines…we may have said something about orphans from Haiti yada yada yada…it did the trick! We ran down the concourse to our gate and sat to eat a nutter butter before we boarded. I think this was the first food we’d had all day….

Eventually we boarded and during take off there was a few tears but then he layed down and went to sleep. He slept the entire flight and I carried him off the plane in Manchester, NH and handed him into the arms of his Daddy. The best Daddy in the whole world and especially the best Daddy for Kemly…

We took our boy home and fed him his first meal in our home. He took his first bath. He slept in HIS room and in HIS bed.


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