Posted by: kscott08 | October 3, 2010

Things I love about being Kemly’s Mommy.

I love…
1. …Loving the fact that finally after 8 months he calls to me by “Mommy!” instead of “Hey!”
2. …When he moans with delight at the meal I made for him.
3. …When he gives me hugs and kisses before bed.
4. …When he non-chalantly says “love you too” after months of hearing us telling him we love him.
5. …When he spontaneously starts car-dancing.
6. …When he says to Jake and I “Hey GUYS wanna play a game?”
7. …showing him new things and watching him be absolutely amazed.
8. …the endless faces this boy makes.

This one is sure to be continued….



  1. I love spontaneous car dancing!


  2. So awesome!! Every picture I see of Kemly makes me smile!!

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