Posted by: kscott08 | February 22, 2010

A Very Special Account of January 21, 2010

I was lucky enough to be able to make contact with a man who was on the plane that took Kemly from Haiti to Florida and here is his special account of his experience with Kemly, Enoch, Amos and Moise:

I only interacted with the boys briefly. Pastor Rigaud came through the line with 4 boys. Kemly and two older boys, all three wearing suits. He also had a 2 year old boy in his arms that was not moving, and was trying to carry luggage as well. I scooped up the 2 year old from him so he could get his luggage together as we walked towards the AF plane. Pastor Rigaud was juggling the luggage and 5 passports etc. (Needed to show them as we boarded the plane since people were constantly trying to sneak onto the planes as we loaded evacuees).

My partner Paul (will pass more info on Paul later) grabbed the hand of one of the boys, who were already together and walking as a group. He was also trying to give the Pastor a chance to get his things together, and we tried to watch the kids closely as we made our way to the planes. We were all on the flight line, and people could literally walk into the propellers or jet intake of large military planes if not guided well. (Thank goodness we did not let happen).

I was so taken by the boys suits and how they were holding hands together during their journey that I dug out my pocket camera and snapped a shot as we walked towards the plane (a C17 if I remember correctly). It was not an easy task as I was still carrying my little 2 year old fella.

Pastor Riguad wanted me to take one with his camera, but I don’t think I was able. I did however take one with his camera when we were in the plane they were getting into their seats. The photo though is the same one I took of the group with my camera. I exchange info with the Pastor, and promised to get him a copy of pics. When I returned stateside and emailed him, it bounced back. Since I had promised him the pic, I decided to post it on their FB site. From their, I learned of Kemly’s new home/parents as well as two others of the group of 4 (one of which was the little guy I was carrying who it turns out was gravely ill, but is now in great shape). I still don’t know what happened to one of the other fellas.

It is worth noting that they were in all seats. That was not the case with most passengers. The planes we were using were large cargo planes which brought food, water and military supplies to Haiti. They were being loaded with evacuees for the return trip to the states. We put children and older people in the seats, but many folks had to sit on the floor and we used large long straps as quasi seat belts to help them stay in place in the event of any turbulence en route.

Hope this is what you were looking for.


A Photo From Rich

Here they are on the Plane- all buckled in!


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