Posted by: kscott08 | January 19, 2010


OKay here’s the story:

Our Orphanage Director, Rigaud, went searching for the documents we need in order to bring Kemly home on Humanitarian Parole. He went down to the Ministry building where he believed the documents were and PAID someone to go inside the collapsed building and look for our documents. Low and behold, by the grace of God whoever Rigaud paid was SUCCESSFULL! He walked out with 3 dossiers: the Richards, the Irish’s and ours! UNREAL!

He then went to the Embassy, presented the documents and now they are working humanitarian visas for our four boys!

More to come in the next few days…we have to first hear from the Department of Homeland Security that their visa’s have been approved. Then we TRAVEL!

Keep praying for those folks working on the humanitarian visas!



  1. That is amazing!! So happy that some good may come out of all the disaster! Praying for you!

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