Posted by: kscott08 | January 16, 2010

The Latest…

This is what we heard this morning:

Rigaud (our orphanage director) spoke with Melande (his wife, who is in Miami) this morning this is what he said:

“The house is fine but they are still staying outside because they are still having after tremors. They do go into the house and use the bathroom, they go in groups with an adult when they do go in.

They have been using the generator to charge the inverter so… at night they have lights outside.

Melande said she could hear voices in the background as everyone is living outside. Riguad’s mother refuses to come and stay with them as she is sheltering people at her house in the yard at the school. Many school children are staying there.

The church is OK They have been boiling the water but they are pretty much out of water and food. This is their biggest need at the moment.

They need cash, there is food available but there is no way to get them money the banks and western union are not operating. They feel safe where they are.

No specifics on specific people other than Riguads mother is fine.

What they want from us is PRAYER!!!”

God I pray for wisdom of those distributing supplies…give them a system…a plan…a way to reach the hundreds of thousands of starving people waiting for help.



  1. I am praying for Kemly and everyone connected with his orphanage – and ALL the people of Haiti… especially our very vulnerable children. Stay strong.

  2. We’ve been praying for you guys, Kemly, and the folks in Haiti non-stop. Keep us posted for sure as you get news!!!!!

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