Posted by: kscott08 | January 2, 2010

Being a Pastors Wife…

Has many benefits and joy. But it’s also been painful for me. I think the hardest thing for me when I look back to Jake getting fired after only 8 months at our home church (back in 2006), is that I felt no one was supporting us. No one was acknowledging how difficult your first experience on staff at a church can be. No one recognized that I was struggling and offered advice. I don’t cast blame away for all of that, I don’t think I knew that I was struggling.

Maybe if someone had recognized that this was our FIRST staff/ministry experience they may have pushed through my appearance of being “okay” and got to how much pressure and fear there was.

What I’m thankful for now is my desire to see other PW’s find their place and get the support they need. I’m praying for ways I can do this. I think sharing this is just the start.

Lord, help me to see the struggles of a young pastor and his wife. Help me to be there to support and push through their appearance of being “okay”. I know you are faithful and bless us for the work we do but please allow us to see the parts of our heart that need changing so we can be restored.




  1. A good post. A good thing to pray for and seek after.

  2. I have the same passion and same struggles! 🙂 Know that I pray for you guys constantly. You have a friend from far away.

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