Posted by: kscott08 | January 1, 2010

Fun Large Group Game

Loved this game last night. Typed up how to play so I don’t forget. Thought I’d share with you! Great for youth or adults! Minimum of 15-ish people for the most fun.

Everyone gets two small peices of paper to write a famous person’s name on. A common famous persons name works best, don’t be obscure. Everyone folds their peices of paper once and puts them in a bowl or hat.

Split the group into two teams.

Someone needs to time the opposing team with a watch/cell phone etc. The rounds are 1 minute.

The first person going on a team takes a peice of paper and the timer begins ticking down. You must describe who is on your paper in the first round. Once your team guesses the next team member starts trying to get you to guess their person. It’s very fast paced so when the person in front of you is describing their famous person you want to already be grabbing your paper and passing the bowl. You go on like this until the minute is up- team members can even go twice if you are doing that well that the bowl makes it all the way around. Once the minute is up you add up your peices of paper that were guessed keep track of the score. (keep those out of the bowl). The next team goes and does this same thing. You go until the bowl is empty of papers with famous names.

Then all the papers are put back into the bowl the second round begins. This round is different because it’s all the same names but to get your team to guess the name on your peice of paper you can only use 1 word to describe who that might be (if you use two words you are DQ’d move to the next person). So if someone wrote down taylor swift the word to describe her might be guitar or country. because of what was said in the previous round people will only need to recall from the names in the previous round. So this round continues on just like previous round. add up all points, put names back in bowl

Final round is like charades. You can only do motions or movements to describe who is on your peice of paper. To use the same exampe if your person is taylor swift you might pretend to strum a guitar. Or if your person is tiger woods you might pretend to swing a golf club.

Add up all the points at the end and the team with the most points wins!


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