Posted by: kscott08 | December 22, 2009

Get In Shape!

Well I just have to put this plug out there for Terri and Dennis at Get In Shape For Women. They have been kicking my butt into gear for the past 2 weeks (at the drum hill location) and I can definitely tell the difference. What I love about this place is that they educate you. I’m learning how to work out for the first time in my life. I’m no longer walking aimlessly and awkwardly through the gym. I know what I want to do and how I want to do it.

You can get a free week coupon on the website or just call and talk to Terri or Dennis about going in for a free session. If you are serious about getting healthy this is the best place to do it. Tell them I sent you!



  1. How much is the fee?

    • I can’t remember exactly now… just more than we have in the budget. It depends on how many times you are going to go a week and for how many months. But you should call and tell them I sent you to check it out and try the free session. Just be prepared to go over how much it costs at the end and say- okay let me think about this and talk to my husband.

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