Posted by: kscott08 | November 25, 2009


Well we are back from Mexico and I am thankful for so many things as we pack to head to Vermont for Thanksgiving!

Mexico was great! Very relaxing and lots of fun spent with our friends Tim and Ashley. We explored one day by renting a car and driving 1 hour south of our resort to Tulum to see the ruins and eat at a restaurant that my friend recommended. The highlight for me was the flying trapeze- someday I will join the circus…

We came back from vacation to the news that our dog Jack was very sick. So while that kind of bummed us out, it could have been a lot worse. He’s home now and I’m thankful that he’s doing very well! He’s got this crazy disease called Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia…totally random. No idea how he got it…just one of those crazy things.

I’m thankful for new pictures of Kemly. He’s so gosh darn cute! That belly is SCREAMING for a zerbert! 😀

Our documents have started their process in Haiti- just praying they move smoothly through all of the different departments…

I’m thankful for family. We are heading up to see them this afternoon. Looking forward to good food and family time…

Be back Sunday! Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Hi Kristin!
    Nice photo of Kemly – love that little belly on him 🙂 As for where I am in the “process” – my docs are all “fixed” and in Haiti… I’m knid of in limbo now… The person who was holding his original birth certificate was out of the country – and of course no one else could lay their hands on it – she’s back as of yesterday, so hopefully that issue is now resolved… We had a certificate of abandonment – but the person processing my stuff said it wasn’t right – so I guess that has to be redone… It’s always something, isn’t it? I did get my I-171H approval from the US, and I will file my I-600 in Haiti on my next visit in February… Where are you guys @ this point?

  2. ugh..yes it is always something. Our stuff is in the first legalization stage at this point. I have an appt to get our fingerprints done at uscis this wednesday in lawrence, ma. We did an i600a form- did you do that?

    We are going in June for 9 days with I can hardly wait. He doesn’t know he’s being adopted yet so we won’t go too too often until our doc’s get further thru the system there…

  3. I already did my I600A form & my fingerprinting before my dossier went to Haiti – funny how some places/agencies have people do stuff in different orders…

    Delmace knows he’s being adopted – so I try to go every few months (if I can)… I’ll go in February with a team from my school, by myself in April (for his 4th birthday), and with a team from school again in June. I think that trip is for about 8 or 9 days – June 23 or 24 until early July… but I am actually planning on staying in Haiti for 5 or 6 weeks this summer! I took the summer off from teaching – sort of… I’m not working at my school, but I’ll work at the home/school where Delmace lives (and get free room & board in return – not a bad deal). I just hope my Creole is better by then!

    • Yeah that is weird. I need to ask about doing an i600 in haiti- I haven’t heard anything about that yet. I love that you are going to be there for so long this summer! That will be so great! Man I hope our boys are home by Christmas next year! One can only hope… 😀

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