Posted by: kscott08 | November 14, 2009

Countdown to Mexico

I’m so excited to be heading to Mexico on Monday I can hardly stand it!

We have lots of fun things going on the the mean time:
1. Thanksgiving Dinner tonight at our church. 250 people are attending!
2. I’m throwing a Baby Shower for my friend Sarah Leach – I cannot wait to see all of the fun stuff she’s going to get for “Bleach”. (Baby Leach =’s Bleach)
3. Paint Your Toms with the students- check out Toms Shoes, its a super cool organization! 30 of us purchased white Tom’s and we are painting them together.
4. Pat’s v. Colts- OH BOY…this will be a sad night for Jake or Micah…someones going to bed angry. 😀


Leave for Mexico. @micahtully is taking us to the airport- thank you thank you thank you…

We will be unplugging from blogging, emailing, texting, facebooking, I could go on…

I had a minor FREAK OUT on Thursday night. I couldn’t find my passport ANYWHERE. Finally I had enlisted Jake to help me look and being the smarty pants that he is he asked me if it could be in my car- I bolted down the stairs and out the back door. Sure enough there it was in my glove compartment. HALLELUJAH! I imagine I would be dealing with a nightmare right now if I never found it…

Okay off to start packing- how will I keep my suitcase under 50lbs? I’m so bad at this when I get out the big suitcase!

Any tips for traveling in Mexico? Specifically Playa Del Carmen? We have to get our own cab to the hotel and from there, during the week, we want to rent a car to go see the ruins. Any advice you have would be great!

Oh ya- one last thing. Some of our BEST FRIENDS are going with us- check out there blogs: Tim Dunn and Ashley Dunn



  1. Take a bus from the resort to go sight seeing! There are tourist buses and taxis everywhere, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost!
    Have fun! I didn’t realize Tim & Ashley are going with you, that’s awesome! Tell Ashley thank you for the card for Honey Gardens! We posted it down in the kitchen so everyone could read it! Glad to hear they’re all healthy!

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