Posted by: kscott08 | October 28, 2009

Jake’s Birthday

Last year Jake was in Haiti for his birthday. We had a birthday dinner date before he left but I completely failed in the gift department. I thought he was cool with just dinner because that’s all that I wanted for my birthday last year.

So I got him nothing and when he got home from a long draining 8 days in Haiti I had NOTHING for him. He didn’t say it then, but told me later that he was disappointed. He imagined there would be a nicely wrapped present waiting for him. (insert knife in heart) I failed. This year has to be good. I have to get him a gift and I need ideas!

Thoughts?? I have less than 3 weeks (November 16th…)



  1. Umm, you are going to Cancun on November 16th, right? !!! That is a pretty amazing birthday!

  2. In highschool he always wore the loudest, most boisterous clothes he could get his hands on. In fact they actually instituted several rules in the school dress code just because of him. Some of the more memorable things were neon pink shoelaces and large gaudy rings with propellers and moving parts on them. You could get him something small and silly like that as an homage to his younger years. 🙂

    • too funny…do you have evidence of this?? pictures would be so funny….

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