Posted by: kscott08 | September 22, 2009

Last update from Orphanage Director

Just thought you’d like to see the email we got back on Saturday with some great news!

Hi Jake and Kristin,

I praise God for the way that the adoption process of Kemly is going. I have right now in my hands the death certificate of Kemly’s mother and his new birth certificate mentioning his date of birth is July 21, 2006. The court will issue me the certificate of the family meeting and the certificate of consent from his grand mother nex week. This part of the process goes very fast and without difficulties because his grand mother and his uncles have been cooperating very well. I will start the process for his health certificate by Monday. Keep praying and try your best to send me all your paper work with Laurae in November. I will be very happy for you to have your son Kemly to join you as his new family as soon as I can. Glory to God!


Isn’t it so clear that Rigaud truly cares about these children and getting them to their forever home? I’m so thankful for him…



  1. Love it! Love him already!

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