Posted by: kscott08 | September 21, 2009

Home Visit plus some…

Today we had our home visit with Bethany Christian Services. It went very smoothly. We had all of our documents ready for Pam and she was very impressed! 🙂 She basically went over all of our financial information (assets, liabilities, etc), then we gave her a tour. She had to test all of the carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors. That was it! Super easy!

Some of you had expressed interest in how we got to the point of adopting from Haiti, so here you go! Jake and I have always talked about adopting, whether through foster care or international we weren’t sure. In November 2008 Jake traveled to Haiti on missions trip with Servants For Haiti (SFH-from here on out). He fell in love with two children at the orphanage they stayed at. I went in March for 5 days (sort of a mini-missions trip) and stayed at the same orphanage with SFH. I fell in love with all of the kids but Kemly stuck out. I came home and we continued to talk about pray about what we would do and decided to wait until our trip in June so that we could observe Kemly. When we were there it was obvious what we would do but we observed and made note of his personality and interactions with other children and with us. He’s a crazy kid…full of energy…smiles…silliness…what more could we want??

So, we started the paperwork process with Laurae and Howard from SFH guiding us along the way. They have done this 2.5 times, in the middle of the third child being adopted from Haiti. So they know what they are doing, which is very comforting.

We are now waiting for Bethany Christian Services (BCS-from here on out) to get us our completed Home Study. Once we have that all of our documents need to be translated to French, given the Apostille Seal down in Boston, authenticated at the Haitian Consulate in Boston and then sent to Haiti with Laurae when she goes at the beginning of November.

Then we wait for 9-18 months. Pretty big time frame huh? It depends on what new and crazy processes/paperwork Haiti decides to require of us. Hopefully, NONE and then we’ll have Kemly superfast! How cool would that be? God can do anything. I’m not holding out for 9 months but I know that my God can do miracles…Kemly will come to us when the time is just right.



  1. Yay! I can’t wait to meet the little guy!

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