Posted by: kscott08 | September 13, 2009

Good news!

Telling the Students

Love those eyes and that smile!

Love those eyes and that smile!

Yesterday morning I got up to let the dogs out and as I do every morning- I grabbed my phone to check my email. I was browsing thru the new ones and I came to an email from our Orphanage Director, Rigaud! Whoohooo!

His email is below so you can get a sense of how much he is doing for us and how complicated things are:

Hi Jake and Kristin,

I have very good piece of news for you. IBERS and I have found the grand mother of Kemly. She has released Kemly at IBERS office. I went to her town at Cabaret and we organized a family meeting at the court in front of a judge with two other family members, as the law has requested. In that legal family meeting, the judge has designated the grand mother as the legal guardian and gave her a power attorney to do all paper work that the adoption process of Kemly is requested until he joins you as his new family. We went to the funeral home for the death certificate. I got it and it is in my hands. Monday I will go back to Cabaret for his birth certificate. Praise God because the grand mother of Kemly is very cooperative in working with me on the paper work process. This paper work process cost is not include in the total cost of the adoption process. I have spent $______ to pay all the legal fees and the cost of the funeral of his mother. Your adoption process will not be difficult because Kemly’s father is unknown and his mother is dead. In conclusion, I have done by myself the first step of paper work without paying a lawyer. You don’t need to pay me any fees for that. It is a part of my ministries. Please send me the following amounts as soon as you can: first, $______ to pay back for the process that I have mentioned above. Secondly, I need $________ to pay the fist lawyer to do the paper work for the adoption process. When he is done, I will take the file from him and bring it the a second lawyer who will do the adoption process. The honorary of this lawyer is $________. So, Your adoption process will cost a total of $_________, not including the visa’ fees at the US consulate and vaccination requested by the US authorities. You may contact Laurae to provide you information about how to wire money to me. If you want to get information directly from me, please let me know. Kemly is a very smart happy boy. You will have a very good son.

May God bless you.


I especially love his final comments- Kemly is a very smart happy boy. You will have a very good son.

It’s a little sad to think that his mom is deceased but it wasn’t a shock- there was a reason he ended up in the orphange but we weren’t sure. I hope to be able to get some info on his Grandmother and other family members there. I think it would be nice to have as he is growing up with us.

We told all of the kids at youth group this morning- what fun! I got teary eyed but held it in. I just can’t wait til he’s home with us. Not to brag- but he’s going to have such a great life! 😉

Okay- IT FEELS SO GOOD to not be keeping this a secret anymore- geez….we decided back on July 5th or something…

thanks for all your love and support!

PS. I’m not afraid to talk about how much we are spending to adopt him but I didn’t want to broadcast it for anyone in the world to see….if you have questions, just ask. there are many more sweet children in this orphanage that need homes!



  1. I’m excited for you both!! He is going to be a great addition to the Scott family!! I can’t wait to meet him!!! Love you guys!

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