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This article strikes fear in the lives of couples in ministry.



  1. Hmmm…..i grew up a PK. And I like so many others had to live in a glass house. But we also were very well taken care of. I dont think people can or should use the PK card as an excuse. Im who i am today because I made the decision to follow Christ. There are to many people feeling sorry for themselves because of how the church treated them. I say…”Get over yourselves.” I know the horror stories, i lived them too…i could play victim too but there are enough of them out there….

    Im now a youth pastor and have no fear of my kids growing up like that. My parents raised us like any other parent. I will do the same. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

    • lol you are pretty passionate about that! I know growing up that I looked at the pastor’s kids and totally judged them by how they acted taking into consideration that they were pastors kids and they should be _______ (fill in the blank). so i guess i’m more concerned about that…but i know that the occasional criticism effects me so I can only imagine how it will effect our kids if we aren’t careful. how did you parents deal with that type of thing? You did turn out okay (obviously) but there are so many pk’s that aren’t in the church AT ALL. that’s scary….

      • Scott replied to my comment via facebook- Here is what a seasoned pastor’s kid and now a youth pastor thinks: (Thanks Scot!)

        Scot Kraemer August 31 at 3:09pm
        I say this with many things. i think parents have a bigger effect on their children then they realize. For instance, if parents complain a lot about a certain thing, then the kids are going to have a negative feeling towards whatever it is that the parents are complaining about. So if the parent who is a pastor or the mom is complaining about how the church is, then the kids are going to have a negative feeling about church that might not come out in the open until they are older. Now I understand that is not the case with everyone.
        But like all PK’s we had people who wanted to run our lives and we heard some HORRIBLE things about our family from either something our friends heard from their parents or just something we over heard. And yes many times we were HURT very bad by the church. But my parents LOVED the church like Chirst calls us to love the church. They raised us as “kids.” Not PK’s. If someone said to my mom and dad that they expect more out of us, my parents just reminded them that we are jut like their kids. Same temptations, but more expectations. We were treated no differently by our folks. THey didnt put expectations on us, and they didnt expect usto live up to the churches. We were allowed to be kids, to make mistakes.
        They instilled in us what it meant to live a life for Christ. Thats what we learned. Yes people will judge your kids. And you will get calls from church people letting you know how bad of a influence you child is on someone. YOu just need to remind them that, well they are kids. We r NO different. I had the same temptations as everyone else. Why should i be different in how i handled them? I think it falls on the parents. I would not change a thing. I LOVE being a PK. LOVE IT. acutally writing a book about it. SHHH. prolly wont ever get published but fun to do. Enough of the crappy stories.
        I think PK’s use that as an excuse. “You dont know what the church did to our family…”
        bull crap. where is your relationship to Christ. and again, we have seen it all the good the bad and the ugly. There are people that litterly would cross the street if they saw us coming. yeah that makes you feel great. but again, should i blame the church as a whole for that. If i had parents who complained about it all the time i am sure i would. but like i said we were taught better. mom and dad LOVE the church. it has always been a very positive thing in my house. i love that my kids are pk’s. iknow they are going to be typical teenages. again, if they drink and someone else drinks. who is going to look worse? PK or just the average kid? The pk…WHY? Because people are stupid. YOU have to train your kids on all that. All of us are still going to church. All 7 kids. not saying we are perfect. but still. we are not victims. We know who Christ is. Im not going to let someones lifestyle and how they treated us affect my spiritual life.
        sorry this is long…just very passionate about this.
        and again, yes we have been run out of churches because of stupid people….but I know who God is to me. and where do you think i learned that?
        hope this makes sense.

  2. lots of typo’s…haha i was in a hurry.

  3. Born a PK, raised an MK, now raising my own MK/PK’s. Wouldn’t change it! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment- any tips or thoughts for those of us mulling thru this in our minds?

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