Posted by: kscott08 | August 7, 2009


We have finished our autobiographies for the homestudy and emailed those in, which allowed us to schedule our second step in the homestudy process- Personal Interviews!  Those are scheduled now for August 19th at 10am.  We also have appointments at our doctors offices on August 25th for all kinds of ridiculous tests.

We made our first trip down to Boston to have documents authenticated with an Apostille Seal and legalized at the Haitian Consulate.  That’s two stops in crazy downtown Boston but it was done easily with jake driving and me jumping out to run into the two different offices.  It costs $6 dollars for a fancy gold seal (apostille seal) and $25 for a not so fancy french notary looking stamp.  rip off… 🙂

After I got that done I actually put the two documents (Power of Attorney and Formal Request to Adopt) in the mail to another mom who is adopting from our orphanage.  She and her husband left for a trip to Haiti yesterday so she transported my documents down there which is much better than having to pay 7o dollars for DSL to do it.  I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures she’s going to take down there!  The rest of the documents won’t go to haiti until EVERYTHING is completed- then we’ll take it down there ourselves or send it with someone else traveling down.  Gaurding the hard work to get it all together with our lives…

Check out my update on the page “where are we in the process”-so excited to check off a few of these things!




  1. Hey guys, nice to meet you the other night at the beach. Congrats to you both on the start of your adoption of Kemly. He is absolutely beautiful!! Love his smile! These children give us something so special. Everyone always says that the adopted child will be so lucky to have a family. We are the ones that are so lucky! IA is definitely a long process. Keep yourselves extra busy. It makes time go a little faster. Yahoo groups and blogging are great for keeping you extra busy! LOL. They are so addicting! I can’t stop blogging. I could sit for hours on end and blog around. I hope and pray this process is a short one for you. You will be in our thoughts. Follow our journey, as we hope to meet our daughter next month.

    Lori and Anthony

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