Posted by: kscott08 | July 27, 2009

So last Thursday we had our first meeting/interview with Pam Wood our social worker at Bethany Christian Services.  She will be handling our Homestudy.  It was really all about paper work and information.  We got to ask questions and she just went over the process of having a homestudy done.  The first thing we have to do for her is write a 5-8 page autobiography of our lives.  We have to do this seperately and then work together on a few areas like parenting views, discipline, etc.  I did mine that night and now I’m just waiting for jake to do his.  He started but has a few more pages to do and then we have to do the common sections together.  Once those are emailed to her we can schedule our next meeting with her which is individual interviews. 

Tomorrow at 2pm we have our pyschological evaluation.  I’m nervous about this.  It doesn’t take much prying to make me cry about this our that…i’m just emotional, i can’t help it!  He’s bound to think I’m unfit and not let us adopt a child ever!

…okay maybe a little dramatic but ehh…I just want to get it over with. 🙂


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